Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miss Pakistan World in Bikini

Miss pakistan in Bikini

Now you don't expect a Pakistani Miss World to flaunt, much less wear a bikini, but that has actually happened. Miss Pakistan Earth 2006, Sehr Mahmood is seen below in the swimsuit round of the Miss Earth competition.

Miss Pakistan in a hot bikini
Miss pakistan in swimsuit round of Miss Earth

Miss Pakistan in a white bikini
Miss pakistan White Bikini

This might come as a welcome shock to the readers of this blog who would under normal circumstances associate Pakistan with Burqua Clad women who are under house arrest when not wearing one. Apparently a strong group of Non-Resident Pakistani's want to give out the image of a progressive Pakistani women and what better way than to organize a Miss Pakistan competition in Canada and declare its winner, "Miss Pakistan"

Mahleej Sarkari is a Pakistani-born Canadian citizen who won the Miss Pakistan World pageant in 2007. She was born in 1986 into a Muslim/Parsi family in Karachi, Sindh and her claim to fame has been her daring bikini clad photoshoots since then. Here is one such bold shoot of Mahleej in various sexy bikinis.

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